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Re: Ideas/Questions about Jigdo...

Gordon Huff wrote:


So Jigdo files and the templates are the basis for the iso creation,

Backwards, actually. The "official" iso image is created first, and the jigdo process creates the jigdo and template files.

I'm curious about the process of creating Official iso images. How is it done? There must be a directory tree that is populated with package files, some programs that support the installation of a Debian GNU/Linux system on the HD, another Debian GNU/Linux system that runs from the CD, and an autoboot program. Are these placed in the image manually, somehow? Are there scripts that automate some of the process? What special skills are required? How many individual Debian developers are considered fully capable of performing this task which seems to me rather daunting?

Is there a document in the Debian archives that discusses this?


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