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creating cd's

I have linux/gnu installed and working.  I can log in to the personal
account, but I cannot get to the root account to change the printer.
The gnu login window tells me that I cannot log in to the root director
from there.  I don;'t know how else to get to the root account.

I allowed the default Postscript printer to install but it does not work
with my bjc-2100 cannon printer.

I have downloaded all 7 cd images and burned them.  I don't know how to
burn them correctly I guess because I cannot install from the CDs.

What does realease' refer to in the path

Each one of my CDs contain
CD1= debian-30rev0-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso
CD2= debian-30rev0-i386-binary-2.iso
CD3= debian-30rev0-i386-binary-3.iso
CD4= debian-30rev0-i386-binary-4.iso
CD5= debian-30rev0-i386-binary-5.iso
CD6= debian-30rev0-i386-binary-6.iso
CD7= debian-30rev0-i386-binary-7.iso

I don't know if I was supposed to place these files in directories or

There are no instructions on how to create the proper inviornment on the
CDs initiate the installation from the CDs instead of the ftp. [which
takes approx 4 hours to download with my cable modem at 12-15kb/s.


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