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Re: Ideas/Questions about Jigdo...

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Richard Atterer wrote:

> Should we extend the popularity-contest package so that people can
> choose what type of user they are?
> The resulting stats could be used to create one "Debian server" CD
> release, a "Debian desktop" one, a "Debian workstation" one, etc. -
> much like the different distros e.g. from SuSE.

I'll bring the tar, who'll bring the feathers ? I'd start running
now if i were you Richard - i imagine a few people would find this
quite heretical :-)

Yes, it'd be nifty to allow end users to do this, perhaps for a smaller
subset of "end-user" that might be "mirror site" or "cd reseller" or
"user group" rather than "every person who wants to download debian".



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