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Re: Ideas/Questions about Jigdo...

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 09:19:41PM -0800, Paul E Condon wrote:
>I'm curious about the process of creating Official iso images. How is it 
>done? There must be a directory tree that is populated with package 
>files, some programs that support the installation of a Debian GNU/Linux 
>system on the HD, another Debian GNU/Linux system that runs from the CD, 
>and an autoboot program. Are these placed in the image manually, 
>somehow? Are there scripts that automate some of the process? What 
>special skills are required? How many individual Debian developers are 
>considered fully capable of performing this task which seems to me 
>rather daunting?
>Is there a document in the Debian archives that discusses this?

See the debian-cd package. It contains the Makefiles and scripts
needed to generate CD images and makes it (nearly) fool-proof, so long
as you have easy access to a mirror.

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