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Re: Ideas/Questions about Jigdo...

At 10:30 AM 02/12/03 -0600, Erisian wrote:
First off let me just say that Jigdo is great

I like it too.

So Jigdo files and the templates are the basis for the iso creation,

Backwards, actually. The "official" iso image is created first, and the jigdo process creates the jigdo and template files.

templates created and will there be an easy program/way to do this so that
one could basically design their own iso with custom packages.

Jigdo is rather more a distribution tool than a custom CD package.


I think this would be great as it would allow a great

I suggest you correspond with Chris Severance who posted on this list a few days ago - perhaps you can collaborate on this project.

My ideal would be a nice gui that could also be used for the install
process, something that explains each package,

I look forward to your project.
Regards, Gordon

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