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Re: Basic Sarge CDs available for testing

Le Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 03:50:40PM +1000, Anthony Towns écrivait:
> > Hey, it's coming ... haven't you read what I said here and in
> > debian-boot ? The debian-cd code will be updated this evening,
> > then I expect to test the CD generation this WE and we'll put online
> > new bootable images at the beginning of next week hopefully.
> So how'd it go? If it didn't, what's it waiting on?

It has been done... 

The i386 images available at http://gluck.debian.org/debian-cd/testing/
have been generated on monday and are bootable afaik. The images for the
other arches are still not bootable of course.

Santiago also put the generation script in cron, so that new images will
be generated each friday.

He's going to announce that soon anyway.

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