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Basic Sarge CDs available for testing


I'm happy to announce that we have produced the first official Sarge CDs for
testing, this CDs are not bootable at all and should only be of any use if
you are planning to upgrade your system to Sarge, a.k.a. testing, the Debian
version currently being developed, or if you just want to test them.

You can find the jigdo images, for all the 11 arches released on Woody, here:


You should use jigdo-file version 0.6.8 to download the iso images from this
url. You can get this version of jigdo here:

Raphael Hertzog is trying hard to get bootable CD images to work on i386,
this will probably be available next week.

We'll try to keep you informed.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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