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Re: About jigdo, pre12-14, etc

On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 10:53:22PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> How about an update to jigdo that (assuming there is only one
> [Image] section) simply ignores the Template= setting by default,
> and chops off the jigdo and tacks on template to generate it as a
> first try?

Um, that "update to jigdo" already exists in the form of v0.6.8, which
supports relative URLs... The problem is that Debian users who have
been tracking testing all along now have a version of jigdo-file which
does not support relative URLs. Of course they could upgrade, but it'd
be easier for everybody if they didn't have to.

> Alternatively, presumably jigdo-easy2win can deal with the case
> where someone downloads the .jigdo & .template files and then points
> at the local copy, so one could write the procedure as:
>   If you have version X.Y.Z or later of jigdo-lite, invoke it with a
>   URL as usual, otherwise download the jigdo and template files for
>   the images you need, and then run jigdo-lite or jigdo-easy2win
>   against the copies you now have on your local disk.

This would work (with both jigdo-lite and jigdo-easy2win AFAIK), maybe
it's preferable to removing the pointer to jigdo-easy2win altogether.

I still think that too few people will actually use any of the
jigdo/template mirrors to justify making things more complicated for
everybody else, but you decide...

(<sigh> I just wish someone put together a jigdo-lite package for



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