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Re: About jigdo, pre12-14, etc

On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 02:48:09PM +0000, Mantas K. wrote:
> Also I found one problem - in jigdo files there are no md5sum
> section of template file. This is pretty bad,

It's because I've told Phil not to upgrade his jigdo-file, because if
he did, it would generate new-style .template files which are not
supported by the current version of jigdo-easy2win.

If you want Template-MD5Sum to appear in the official files, port
jigdo-lite to Windows (preferred) or update jigdo-easy2win. I haven't
got the time to do it and couldn't properly test it if I did.

> Btw, what are the changes between pre12 and pre14 ?

12->13: Always include Contents data in template files.
13->14: "src" -> "source" in the template URLs for source CDs.



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