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Re: CD release announcement

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 13:16, Richard Atterer wrote:

> Where will the official 3.0r0 jigdo files be placed? I think it would
> be wise *not* to use cdimage/jigdo-area for that, because

does this work if you point it at:



If so, there's no  problem (as long as I remember to update the symlink

> Another related question: At the moment, jigdo-mirror does not allow
> you to filter which images it should create and which not. People
> using it will only be able to mirror all 88 images, there's no way to
> prevent it from creating e.g. binary-3 to binary-7, or the non-us CDs. 
> Should I modify it to allow such filtering?

Well, US sites need to be able to exclude the non-US images at the very
least, but I don't suppose there are many of the potential users of this
that actually want to carry all the images, so it would be good to be
able to exclude various combinations of image.

The other thing that is likely to happen (I should be able to sort it
out soon) is that cdimage will actually be a CNAME for raff.d.o and
non-us.cdimage.debian.org will point at open.

raff is in the USA, so cannot carry the non-US CDs.  It can however
carry the non-US jigdo images, since they have no non-US data other than
the package names and checksums in them.  This may make the explanation
a bit more complicated.

Cheers, Phil.
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