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Re: Are PIK mirrors obsolete?

On Sun, 26 May 2002, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> On mirrors.kernel.org, we recently suffered a major disk failure, which
> among other things ate our PIK CD mirror setup.  I went to look for the
> software again, and find that "it has mostly been superceded by jigdo,
> and that is the only way to download the Debian DVD images."

PIK was kind of inefficient and required a final rsync to get the full
image, which requires (at least) the master site to carry a full set of
images. Jigdo is kind of a better PIK in that it builds an actual image,
not just a pseudo-image from a jigdo file and a template (containing the
literal data not found in packages on your local debian mirror).

Since no mirror carries the Debian DVD images jigdo is the only way to get

The downsides if jigdo is that it is a fairly complex C++ program which
means some portability issues when dealing with older systems. There
exists a C port, but that is not actively maintained currenlty. It is also
a fairly new system, which means just the obvious bugs have been noticed
and taken care of. I believe there are some usability issues to take care
of after The Release.

> It makes me reluctant to spend the work to resurrect the debian-cd
> mirror on mirrors.kernel.org.  Perhaps someone could explain the
> situation as well as this "jigdo" business to me...

Basically, what you need to do is install the jigdo program and then this
script (with a few modifications) should do the job of building images
from a mirror of the jigdo files:


Richard: Perhaps the jigdo-mirror script should be in a more official
place than here and in the list archives?

/Mattias Wadenstein

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