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Re: Are PIK mirrors obsolete?

On Sun, 26 May 2002, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> >
> > Basically, what you need to do is install the jigdo program and then this
> > script (with a few modifications) should do the job of building images
> > from a mirror of the jigdo files:
> >
> > http://www.acc.umu.se/~maswan/debian-push/jigdo-mirror
> >
> > Richard: Perhaps the jigdo-mirror script should be in a more official
> > place than here and in the list archives?
> >
> Okay... we had the same issue with PIK before the debcdmirror script
> came out (and there is a similar issue with the RedHat-apt scripts, but
> that's another issue.)

The jigdo-mirror script would be the equivalent of debcdmirror, it could
probably use some work since I think I am the only one that has reported
usage of it (and I found some issues).

> Seriously, I won't be setting up anything until there is a standard
> piece of software I can download, configure, make (whatever), point it
> at a configuration file and have it operate autonomously, creating the
> whole directory hierarchy.  It's too much work for me to operate
> anything else.

This is what jigdo-mirror is supposed to do. It does depend on the jigdo
binary, which should be a simple configure, make, install (if it

But you could always do plain old rsync-mirroring. Sure, you'll download
quite a bit more data than strictly needed if you also have a debian
mirror, but I woulnd't mind if you did that to "my" mirror
(ftp.acc.umu.se, aka ftp.se.debian.org aka ftp.gnome.org).

Or you could wait until after the woody release, jigdo is new and really
put into place with the distribution of woody images. I'm sure most issues
will be dealt with a couple of weeks after that.

Actually, that would be my suggestion if you don't want to deal with this
now. Run a plain rsync-mirror from us and come back to this issue later
when you have the time and the software might have matured a bit.

/Mttias Wadenstein

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