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Re: Announcing jigdo-easy 2.1 - please test

On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 04:52:51PM +0200, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> Well, it kind of works with jigdo-mirror, it makes alot of progress
> (on some .jigdo files from the pre-release set mentioned earlier). 

This is what it should look like. Unfortunately, I haven't found any
errors in the script yet:

2002-04-14 18:37:49:     0 parts still missing from image
Checking image:  16 of  16 MB, done:
OK: Checksum matches, image is good!
2002-04-14 18:37:50:     Image checksum is correct, moving image into place

> 2002-04-14 16:39:24:     0 parts still missing from image

This means that "jigdo-port print-missing" output nothing - or maybe
your sed doesn't grok the following:

printf "a\nb\n" | sed -n '/./{p;s/^.*$//;p;}'

This should print
<empty line>
<empty line>

> 2002-04-14 16:39:24:     Image creation failed

This means that it appeared to the script that the image had been
generated, but then the finished file "$tmpDir/image" wasn't present.

> Which doesn't really tell me why it failed, but I guess something went
> wrong. This might very well be the fault of jigdo-mirror though,

Looks like it, yes. If the sed invocation above doesn't work, try the
patch below.



  __   _
  |_) /|  Richard Atterer     |  CS student at the Technische  |  GnuPG key:
  | \/¯|  http://atterer.net  |  Universität München, Germany  |  0x888354F7
  ¯ '` ¯
--- jigdo-mirror.orig	Mon Apr 15 12:40:41 2002
+++ jigdo-mirror	Mon Apr 15 12:52:46 2002
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
             # Quick hack until jigdo-port supports print-missing-all
             $jigdoFile print-missing $ijtOpts $jigdoOpts $uriOpts \
             | grep -E -i '^(http:|ftp:|$)' \
-            | sed -n '/./{p;s/^.*$//;p;}' >"list"
+            | while read x; do echo "$x"; echo; done >"list"
         missingCount=`grep -E '^$' <"list" | wc -l | sed -e 's/ *//g'`
         log "    $missingCount parts still missing from image"

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