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Announcing jigdo-easy 2.1 - please test

Hi all!

I'm pleased to announce the availability of  jigdo-easy 2.1  for both
Linux/*UX and Windows. Download it at:


Since the official-jigdo maintainer (Hi Richard ;-) doesn't seem to display a
level of interest in portability and ease-of-use that is comparable to my own,
I've reluctantly decided to definitively fork off from jigdo-lite and release
my enhancements under a different name: jigdo-easy. Together with the included
jigdo-port, this offers a complete and highly portable way to download the
Debian CD images.

The included jigdo-port 2.0 features support for the new template format,
while remaining fully compatible with the old format.

The jigdo-easy 2.1 front-end is enhanced in many aspects, all invisible to
the user (which is the big idea behind jigdo-easy in the first place). New
features include support for gzipped .jigdo files (incl menus), support for
multi-[Image] .jigdo files transparantly from the menu system, and
functionality to enable fully-automatic load spreading for the .jigdo and
.template downloads using only the menu system (I hope to have the server side
operational next week). 

(Note that the support for multi-image .jigdo files does NOT mean that I think
this is a good idea. The only useful application I see is the merging of two
almost-exactly-the-same .jigdo files into one, but I doubt that this will be
done in practice. It's just that _if_ someone _ever_ would decide to do such a
(IMHO) Bad Thing, jigdo-easy can handle it. And far more user-friendly than
intended, too ;-) 

Since the official woody images will be available primarily (at least the
first days/weeks) in jigdo format, we should make sure that the download tools
are working properly. I'm quite confident that jigdo-easy/jigdo-port will do a
fine job, but I'd still appreciate it if people (yes, that means you) could
give it a try on as many systems as possible (which includes all available
variants of M$Win). Please report your experiences to the debian-cd list, or
to me privately.

Currently only the official 2.2rev6 images are "guaranteed" to be available
via the menu system of jigdo-easy; I hope to check/make the menus for
unofficial/testing/unstable images during the next few days. In the mean time,
you can specify any .jigdo URL on the jigdo-easy command line or at any menu

  Anne Bezemer

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