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boot/woody/boot-ia64 & use of links


I notice that boot-ia64 doesn't work for 1_NONUS, because it does a cd
to CD1, rather than $CDDIR.

Also, I notice that it populates the $CDDIR/install directory with
symlinks, which IIRC results in something not terribly useful on

Is there any reason not to use hard-links in this case?  I think that
means that Windows will see the contents of /install properly, while not
duplicating the data on the CD --- could someone with Windows check that
on the i386 CDs (they hard-link already)

Assuming that's a good idea, I'll change it to use hard links, and
commit to CVS.

Also, I get the impression that a lot of room is being wasted on the
powerpc CDs --- is there a good reason for copying rather than linking
stuff into the /install dirs on that CD?

Cheers, Phil.
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