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here is my first attempt at a script which makes it easy to maintain
an up-to-date CD image mirror with jigdo. As usual, I got carried away
and added some bells and whistles... :-7

- jigdo-mirror scans through one dir, looking at .jigdo files,
  extracts the image name and (re)creates the image if necessary
- intended to be run immediately after a script which mirrors the
  jigdo/template files
- allows you to specify a Debian mirror on the local disc or on a
  nearby http/ftp server (it should *really* be in the LAN!)
- if a new image cannot be created due to a few missing files, and the
  number of files is less/equal $maxMissing, those files are
  downloaded from any fallback server specified in the .jigdo file.
- jigdo-port is supported, although ATM the fallback server handling
  won't work because jigdo-port doesn't support the print-missing-all
  command yet.
- jigdo-mirror optionally deletes old images

Please report on success/failure - I have not tested this on Phil's
latest jigdo files, so use with care.



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