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Re: pre-release Jigdo files appearing at cdimage.d.o, please test

On 9 Apr 2002, Philip Hands wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm just running off some images, which are appearing here:
>   http://cdimage.debian.org/pre-release-jigdo/
>   i386 is available
>   m68k is appearing as I type

I'll check them out once I have a working way of turning them into images.

> Thoughts about the upcomming release:
> =====================================
> Because of the vast amount of space that's going to be needed for a full
> set of CDs this time round, I cannot see it being possible to carry the
> actual ISO images in full, and I don't think attempting to mirror them
> would be a very productive experience for anyone.

Well, we carry a full set of woody images today, and I think we will carry
a full set of woody images after the release too. Sure, it will take a
while to mirror them, but it should be done in a couple of days, depending
on bandwidth, server load and so on.

Of course, for the major mirrors after the release, this will be way too
long and put too much load on the master server.

> That being the case, it would be good if anyone that expects to want the
> released images in a hurry after they become available,  gives Jigdo a
> try to make sure that they are actually capable of grabbing images this
> way.

Yes, this is why I'm trying to get a working jigdo around here.

> Once we do release, and once the mirrors have got hold of the jigdo
> files, I'll probably generate a selection of images so people that get
> trouble with jigdo can finish off with rsync.  I'll probably do
> something like CDs 1 & 1_NONUS for all archs, and maybe all of the i386
> and source sets.  If people have better ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

Sounds fine. Just define the official directory tree and naming and put up
the additional files in the correct places, so this is known in advance.
That way the jigdo-mirror script (or some additional script called that
moves stuff around) can be written in advance and know where it should put
the images.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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