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Re: pre-release Jigdo files appearing at cdimage.d.o, please test

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 08:02:35PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> That being the case, it would be good if anyone that expects to want
> the released images in a hurry after they become available, gives
> Jigdo a try to make sure that they are actually capable of grabbing
> images this way.

I'll try to come up with a script for mirror admins soon.

> trouble with jigdo can finish off with rsync. I'll probably do
> something like CDs 1 & 1_NONUS for all archs, and maybe all of the
> i386 and source sets. If people have better ideas, I'm open to
> suggestions.

I thought with the release of woody, the non-us CDs are a thing of the

I agree to your plan - the full i386 images should be available via
rsync as before.

> It would be quite good to get the jigdo files into the main archives
> somewhere, so that all our conventional mirrors get a copy.

Yes, that is my master plan! :-) The remaining problem was that a
fallback server needs to be up for jigdo to be truly reliable. With
your 2.2r6 snapshot, that is finally the case. Many thanks!

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 10:29:43PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 21:57, Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
> > From woody-i386-1.jigdo:
> >   % grep non-US woody-i386-1.jigdo
> >   sljMO1JHdJDT_gQYa2IPtg=Non-US:dists/woody/non-US/Contents-i386.gz
> > 
> > From the actual file system:
> >   % jigdo-file md5sum dists/woody/non-US/Contents-i386.gz
> >   Iegxgg-6cQCWTLwa4XFOrw  dists/woody/non-US/Contents-i386.gz
> That's very odd --- I've downloaded the 1_NONUS image, and it worked
> fine.

You probably did it the day you generated the images, before the
mirror upgrade changed Contents? Contents does appear to change every
so often even though AFAIK no new packages are added to stable between
releases. I've never checked why that is the case - maybe new files
are added to the documentation or something.

> Richard, is this evidence that I need to add "Contents" to the list of
> files to grep out of jigdo's input list?

Packages and Contents, yes. The "grep -v" command in make-templates
contains a regexp with additional things, but with your 2.2r6 snapshot
the very conservative filtering of that regexp is no longer necessary.

I have a new version of jigdo-lite here which supports fallback
servers properly. If you regenerate the jigdo files, append a
[Servers] section with a "Debian=http://cdimage/snapshot/"; line (ditto
for "Non-US=") as I mailed you, then jigdo-lite will be able to use
the snapshot automatically.

[Expect a new jigdo-lite release this weekend. Sigh - so much catching
up to do now that my exams are finally over!-]

> Does jigdo just assume that if it's given a name, it's a file that
> matches the one in the archive?

Not quite sure what you mean - jigdo-*file* never looks at filenames;
the "make-image" command just scans through any files provided, and
copies them over if their md5sum matches that in the template.

jigdo-*lite* uses jigdo-file as follows: It generates a list of URLs
with "jigdo-file print-missing-all", then it downloads them and passes
the files to jigdo-file. If e.g. Contents has been updated, it is
still downloaded, but subsequently ignored by jigdo-file because its
md5sum doesn't match.

> If that were the case, how come the Packages files didn't get the
> same treatment, because they're not excluded either? Also, how could
> I have just downloaded the image?

Apparently only Contents has changed, but not Packages.

Either you downloaded it before the next mirror update, or you used
your snapshot as the Debian mirror.



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