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Re: Debian could do better in India ....

In India,
GT-CDROM in Bangalore is the local stockist of Linux CDs in South India.
The Debian version in their stock is 2.2 r3, and it is available also.

>>"if our website was available in Hindi and other Indian languages"
Great Idea, 

In India, Ten blank CDs cost 135 INR, [equivalent == less than 3 USD].
So, one full distribution may comes within this ....  

One Dollars Debian ;-)

let see....

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 11:48, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> On Mar 12, Saugata Chakrabarti wrote:
> > Dear Richard,
> >     Debian is not underrepresented in India,
> > 
> > We use to download ISO or raw format, write CDs and distribute within
> > our LUG members. Most of the time, we just pay only the cost of blank CD
> > and get our favorite Linux distributions in hand. 
> > 
> > I am shocked and astonished in your comment :-(
> > What makes you feel like that  .. ???? 
> > 
> > Hope, in future you will think twice before comment anything in public
> > ;-)
> I think Richard's point is that there is a lack of vendors for people
> who don't have contact with a LUG and/or don't have the bandwidth for
> dowloading ISOs.  While a number of vendors ship to India, it would be
> good to have a few more vendors in India so people could get CDs more
> quickly and inexpensively.
> Being a vendor isn't all that hard - you need the ISOs, a CD burner,
> good access to blank media, envelopes, and stamps, and a spreadsheet
> to keep track of the money for the taxman to get his cut.  Nobody's
> going to get rich selling Debian CDs, but it's a nice supplemental
> income for relatively little work.
> (Having said that, I suspect Debian could do better in India if our
> website was available in Hindi and other Indian languages.  I realize
> a lot of the tech community there speaks English, but that's true in a
> lot of other countries where we've translated stuff too.)
> Chris
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