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Re: cdimage-unofficial.debian.net now has a mirror

> bugger. a bit much for me to mirror here given a lack of disk :-/

:-) same for me, machines' drives are full ;-)

> > > is there any collaboration between this effort and the fsn.hu one ?

The only collaboration we have is that I list them on
cdimage-unofficial.debian.net so that people can choose the ones they want
to download.

The efforts are basically different, I mean, the .hu guys make woody, sid,
hurd, ... and I only build woody, they only build i386 and I build all
target architectures for woody. So the only images duplicated are
woody-i386, the ones I'll drop if I run out of space again.

> i am trying to work out who is generating what images.. and where and
> how often.. and whether any one set is the same.

I generate Woody images for all 11 architectures targetted for the new
release, the periodicity is weekly.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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