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Re: permission problems for unofficial sid .list files ?


> sorry attila, a combination of tired and lazy - i just couldn't remember
> your email address and thought i'd quickly ask here.
No problem at all :)

> it's semi fixed now ?  the cd images are rsyncable, but all the .list
> files have been 600'ed making them unable to be fetched.
Yes, because my machine still generates them.

> (which means as a mirror, i can't grab the new list files, use PIK
> locally and then rsync against fsn.hu for the final images..)
They will be available very soon, with the .jigdo files.

Sorry, my machine seems to be very slow for this task (a celeron 333 with
IDE disks...).

Attila Nagy                                    e-mail:  Attila.Nagy@fsn.hu
Budapest Polytechnic (BMF.HU)                   @work: +361 210 1415 (194)
H-1084 Budapest, Tavaszmezo u. 15-17.           cell.: +3630 306 6758

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