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Re: Dead End in your web site

Ed Greenberg <edg@greenberg.org> writes:

> So this is great advice, and I am doing it, but where do I go next? I
> could not find anything in the "installation manual" that talked about
> using the 'disks-whatever' directory as a starting point for an
> internet based install.

Theres a doc dir inside the disks dir. That should help.

> I will figure it out, I guess, but you might consider expanding this
> page a bit for future users.

If you get Debian installed, which I assume to be real soon, you can
test your mail setup and internet by:

1. apt-get install reportbug
2. reportbug cdimage.debian.org
   describe the problem you had with the page

You should get an automatic acknowledge from the Bug Tracking System
(BTS) a few minutes after that.

If you do your mail works and the bug will be registered in the BTS
and be dealt with, at wich point you will get another mail telling you
that its gone.

If your willing to test and find bugs, reportbug will be your friend.


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