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Re: web pages

On Thu 03 Jan, Richard Atterer wrote:

> I'm sorry, but I'm still very much of the opinion that
>  - the extra /CD/images/ page is wrong and should disappear
>  - the netinst page should be restored to what it was originally like
>  - ditto (mostly) with /CD/

I won't repeat all the detailed points richard has made, but essentially I
agree with him. Having just taken a look I do think that Josip's (perfectly
reasonable) desire to 'rationalise' the pages into a more logical order has
lost much that was good about Richard's original work, and do not actually
amount to an improvement (although a few of the changes are good - e.g I like
the mention of floppies as well as CDs in the top-level list).

Sometimes ones expertise of a particular area can result in lack of
appeciation of the wider picture but I don't think this is the case here with
Richard. A detailed understanding of debian-CD-land from historical
activity, development of jigdo and the complaints/problems of users is
necessary to make the web content work as well as it can. Josip - please let
us at Debian-CD (which mostly means Richard :-) sort out the details of what
the web-pages say - it isn't possible to split everything into neat boxes as
the various parts of CD/floppy and net installs are too intertwined.

This is not intended to dis anyone- the discussion has remained well-mannered
but I thought I should post to say that I thought Richard's points were
justified and not just someone moaning at seeing their work messed about

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