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Re: Minimal bootable i386 CD image for 2.2r5

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 12:32:38PM +0100, Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> Richard Atterer <deb-cd@list.atterer.net> writes:
> > wouldn't it be nice if we could provide an official "net install CD
> > image" for the upcoming potato release?
> Do it for woody. It needs to be tested (it == the net cd and woody)
> and potato is kind of fixed.

Yeah, I thought so... my mail was also meant as a prod for anyone who
wants to do it for woody.

> The net CD should be a bit bigger. I opt for two CDs:
> 1. minimal set. Just a bootimages and drivers. Maybe even only the
> complete 5 disks set bootable from cd. (10-20MB at most)
> 2. full set. All disks, base, isdn, pppoe (50-100MB at most)

We talked about this proposal a while ago. I agree with Phil in that
just one 100MB max credit-card sized CD should be enough.

IMHO the small one /would/ be useful for some people, but the large
one will work for these people too, so why confuse Debian newbies by
adding yet another option to all the possibilities already listed on
the site?

> If you have the time and are willing dig into the script. It will be
> apreciated, a lot of users have asked for such a cd already.

I won't do it myself, sorry. I was hoping someone else would step
forward. <hint> <hint> ;-)



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