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Re: [Q] Strange problem with a hand-made task

Le jeu 25 jan 2001 à 09:39:13 +0000, Philip Charles écrivait :
> Sympathy.  Do you have any "replaces" in control?  Is the problem down a
> chain of dependences resulting in a conflict that is buried?  (Phil is
> guessing like mad).  I put my task-* packages in the local directory. 

	No, I've no "replaces". I tried to put my tasks in local, but
they just don't appear in the list of available packages no more.
There must be something I missed :
- I put my task packages in local dir
- I change the overide.potato and overide.potato.local files to
  reflect the new locations
- I rebuild the Packages files with dpkg-scanpackage
- I gzip all those files (orveride and Packages)
- I start the make suite and it works fine until "make packages" : my
  packages aren't in the overide file, it says.

	How is it my files are on the CD anyway (in the local dir),
duno. Is there any more comprehensive documentation on debian-cd than

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