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Re: Multiple potato images

"Carpenter, Dean" <Dean.Carpenter@pharma.com> writes:

> Hey All -
> I've built a test image to mess with, but am having a small problem :(  The
> CD boots fine using Gary Tong's diskemu.bin loader (see below), and it loads
> up several tools diskette images nicely.  It also is able to load the
> various 2.88 boot kernel images just fine.  That is, up to the boot: prompt.
> The problem comes with actually loading the kernel from the diskette image -
> that's where it fails.  It gives a
> boot:
> Loading
> Boot failed: please change disks and press a key to continue.
> I have a feeling that syslinux is trying to talk right to the floppy, which
> should be getting redirected to the ramdisk image. 

No, it's just a question of using the right kernel init args.

> That redirection must be
> missing something.

there is no redirection, as far as I'm aware.

> The final result of what I'm looking to build is a 185meg image that can do
> it all :)  Boot to any of the install images, boot tools images (a la Bart's
> scsitools), a live system like Timo's Rescue CD
> http://rescuecd.sourceforge.net/  That would fit on a mini-CD.  A 46meg
> image would go on a business card CD like the Linuxcare BBC
> http://open-projects.linuxcare.com/BBC/ among others.

A laudable goal.  Let me know if there are any (relatively easy)
change in boot-floppies we can do to make this easier.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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