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Re: [Q] Strange problem with a hand-made task

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Olivier Delemar wrote:

> Le mer 24 jan 2001 à 08:27:25 +0000, Philip Charles écrivait :
> > My limited experience with task-* packages has taught me that everything
> > has to be exactly right and any error or short-cut will cause it to fail.
> > Re-build?
> 	Hundreeds of time already! Each time with a new configuration.
> My fisrt quick and dirty try was to create a task that install some
> package *and* (over)write some config files (bind domains, sendmail mc
> file, etc.). As it was too dirty, I created a special package for the
> config files and a standard task with selected dependencies (including
> the config package).
> 	Yesterday, I tried to install the task with dpkg and got an
> error message sayng that "task-... depends on sendmail but sendmail is
> not to be installed". This is the only task that depends on sendmail,
> may be a hint?
> 	You said that everything has to be right: my problem is that
> I just don't know where to look for error messages? BTW: lintian
> dosen't find any error in my task package... On the other hand, "make
> mirrorcheck" said that my task is to be removed. How relevant are
> those "make mirrorcheck" messages?

Sympathy.  Do you have any "replaces" in control?  Is the problem down a
chain of dependences resulting in a conflict that is buried?  (Phil is
guessing like mad).  I put my task-* packages in the local directory. 


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