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Re: [Q] Strange problem with a hand-made task

Le mer 24 jan 2001 à 08:27:25 +0000, Philip Charles écrivait :
> My limited experience with task-* packages has taught me that everything
> has to be exactly right and any error or short-cut will cause it to fail.
> Re-build?

	Hundreeds of time already! Each time with a new configuration.
My fisrt quick and dirty try was to create a task that install some
package *and* (over)write some config files (bind domains, sendmail mc
file, etc.). As it was too dirty, I created a special package for the
config files and a standard task with selected dependencies (including
the config package).

	Yesterday, I tried to install the task with dpkg and got an
error message sayng that "task-... depends on sendmail but sendmail is
not to be installed". This is the only task that depends on sendmail,
may be a hint?

	You said that everything has to be right: my problem is that
I just don't know where to look for error messages? BTW: lintian
dosen't find any error in my task package... On the other hand, "make
mirrorcheck" said that my task is to be removed. How relevant are
those "make mirrorcheck" messages?

	Thanx for hepling,

                                O. Delemar, CS-SI. ATHESA
                CEA/CENG, Bat. T, 17 Av. des Martyrs, GRENOBLE
                                Tel. 04 76 88 32 87

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