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Re: [Q] Strange problem with a hand-made task

	I've some new informations about my task probleme:

the task-package that works fine depends on "ssmtp" which conflicts
with mail-transport-agent, provides mail-transport-agent *and replaces
mail-transport-agent and exim"

The tasks that doesn't work depends on sendmail which conflicts and
provides the same as ssmtp, but replaces nothing.

	Could it be the source of my problem? Is there a workaround?

Le mer 24 jan 2001 à 03:55:44 +0100, Olivier Delemar écrivait :
> 	Hello there,
> 	I've got a problem with a hand made task. Let me please
> explain the topic:
> - I debianize some packages I want to put together with a minimal set
>   of standard packages
> - Those packages are part of a specialized server (eg: firewall,
>   gateway for a local net...)
> - Depending on the kind of server I want, I have to install a subset
>   of those packages, so I create tasks (meta packages) that depend on
>   the debianized tools plus some other standard packages (sendmail, bind
>   and so on)
> - When I install a new server, I go through the install process until the
>   "simple" method of installing additionnal packages, the I select the
>   appropriate task
> Usaly, it works. But one of my tasks still refuse to works properly.
> - If I select it, the packages I want aren't installed neither the
>   task itself
> - If I abort right when I see that the list of to-be-installed
>   packages is incorrect and launch tasksel by hand after my first
>   login, it works
> I discovered that tasksel is launched with the "-riq" option, so I
> tried dselect instead of tasksel after my first login : working tasks
> are in the "new optional packages in section..." list, but the broken
> one is in the "available optional packages...". If I do an "update"
> first, it's ok and the task appear where it should do.
> 	Any hint?
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