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Re: Test Cycle 2 Images available from

 > > > The other arches copy the files so I just followed their example.
> > > > IIRC a PC running an M$ O/S is not able to understand symlinks which
> > > > make it difficult to for VME users to find the files to make floppy
> > > > images on their M$ PC's.
> > > Oh dear. Ok, lets waste them MB.
> >
> > We could handle this by putting the files in the install directory and
> > the symlinks in the disks-* directory buried in the directory tree.
> >
> > This could be done by moving the things that need to be in install
> > (rather than copying them) and installing symlinks at that time.
> How about moving _all_ files from disks-m68k/current to install and
> symlinking the directory? Only one symlink, much less errorprone..

Okay, I've implemented that and commited it for Woody. As the current scheme
produces usable potato CD's I'm reluctant to make such a major change if
there's not going to be another test cycle.

Just another point, did I see somewhere that certain mac kernels barf on
Joliet extensions? The m68k test cycle 2 CD are using them, so should they
be disabled before release?

# boot-m68k Nick Holgate <holgate@debian.org>
# Released under GPL 14 June 2000
# See the file COPYING for license details
# Released as part of the debian-cd package, not much use standalone
# Do install stuff for m68k, including making bootable CDs or BVME4000/6000

set -e
#set -x


cd $CDDIR/..

echo -n "--netatalk -J -hfs -probe -map $BASEDIR/data/hfs.map" \
   > $N.mkisofs_opts

# Only disk 1 bootable
if [ $N != 1 ]; then
exit 0

# Get real name of current disks directory
DISKSVER=$(readlink $DISKSDIR/current)

# Put CD boot image into place
mkdir -p boot1/boot
cp $DISKSDIR/current/bvme6000/images-2.88/rescue.bin boot1/boot

echo -n " -b boot/rescue.bin -c boot/boot.catalog boot1" \
   >> $N.mkisofs_opts


# Clean out stuff created by installtools.sh
rm -rf install

# Put real disks directory in its place

# Make disks directory a symlink
ln -s ../../../../install $DISKSDIR/$DISKSVER

cd $CDDIR/install

# Redo work of installtools.sh
ln -sf install.en.html doc/index.html

# Extra tools not yet in boot floppies
wget -q sunsite.auc.dk:/pub/os/linux/680x0/tools/dmesg.readme -O
wget -q sunsite.auc.dk:/pub/os/linux/680x0/tools/dmesg        -O dmesg
chmod a+x dmesg

# Amiboot needs to be executable
chmod a+x amiga/amiboot-5.6

# Need a .info file for the install directory (AmigaOS)
cp amiga.info  $CDDIR/install.info

##-----------------------------< end of file


Nick Holgate <holgate@debian.org>
GPG key from public servers : Key ID FD9C18AF
Fingerprint = 9DCA EDEA D5C5 57DA 23F3  1A2B 2273 5645 FD9C 18AF

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