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Re: Test Cycle 2 Images available from

On Wed, Jun 14, 2000 at 04:28:44PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org> writes:
> > On Tue, Jun 13, 2000 at 01:21:04PM +0100, Nick Holgate wrote:
> >  
> > > The other arches copy the files so I just followed their example. However
> > > IIRC a PC running an M$ O/S is not able to understand symlinks which would
> > > make it difficult to for VME users to find the files to make floppy disk
> > > images on their M$ PC's.
> > Oh dear. Ok, lets waste them MB.
> We could handle this by putting the files in the install directory and
> the symlinks in the disks-* directory buried in the directory tree.
> This could be done by moving the things that need to be in install
> (rather than copying them) and installing symlinks at that time.
How about moving _all_ files from disks-m68k/current to install and
symlinking the directory? Only one symlink, much less errorprone..
Only one change for mac is necessary, there are 4 files in the install
subdirectory, which should be moved one dir up it seems. Simple change in
the boot-floppies, its only a remnant from slink.
disks-m68k/current is allreay a symlink, so it would not hurt, but save some
30MB of space and make CD creation for m68k much easier, since everything
will be set up allready by the boot-floppies (nearly everything, one info
file and one executable permission have to be set). 


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