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Re: Test Cycle 2 Images available from

On Tue, Jun 13, 2000 at 11:02:25AM +0100, Nick Holgate wrote:
> > Also available is disks-m68k/current, which is nearly a duplicate of the
> > install directory, at least at the moment. The only important thing that
> > seems to be missing in install is base2_2.tgz (plus images1.44,
> > plus source plus a few text files).
> The only things I placed in the install directory were the things needed to
> bootstrap the installation i.e. docs, bootstrap loaders, kernels, root
> filesystem images, and floppy disk images. Other things such as base2_2.tgz
> and drivers.tgz are not needed here because dbootstrap automatically takes
> them from the disks-m68k/current directory.
Ok, that should work then. But if we drop install completely and symlink it
instead to disks-m68k, we could save about 33MB of space on the CD...
The rescue/driver files in the images-1.44 subdirectories take quite some
space. Not that we really need this space, we would not get rid of the third
CD anyway. But maybe the scripts for debian-cd would not need much
interference from m68k people, if we get everything "right" in the
boot-floppies allready? Anyway, it should work as it is right now.

> > complete, only an install.info (icon) file, which could simply be
> > a copy of amiga.info, would be nice to have, so people can start the
> > installation with a few mouse clicks.
> I can fix this, but do you mean that the amiga.info file that is in root
> directory of CD1 needs to be renamed to install.info?
No, just copy it over to the same level where the install directory is.
There is no info file in the root directory, I only see one in the install
directory? When a directory has an .info file with the same name in the same
level as the directory, you can open the "drawer" from the workbench easily
(provided the info file is a "drawer" icon, amiga.info is). The CD does not
need an icon, but every subdirectory down to the Startinstall scripts should
have one. Oups... All StartInstall* scripts, except (StartInstall) are
missing from install/amiga, that is StartInstall_[CV3D|CV64|clgen|retz3].
This is bad for people with grafic cards, they can not start the
installation from disks-m68k/current/amiga, since there amiboot is not
executable. So please, don't only copy the StartInstall*.info files, but the
scripts as well. Or use the symlink (plus make amiboot executable in
disks-m68k). install.doc is also missing from install/amiga. See what I
meant with avoiding errors? All the files are allready in place in

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