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Re: powerpc cd images

> > > Does this also affect m68k?
> > I think nobody bothered yet to implement hfs stuff for m68k/macs, Michael?
> Right. And there's no chance to get the CDs bootable on m68k Macs anyway
> so I'm not sure it truely matters. What is hfsutils used for, I thought
> mkhybrid takes care of these things? 
> I'm downloading the m68k-1 image to check for HFS partitions on it, please
> stand by ...

Surprise, surprise: the HFS partition on the m68k CD is OK, the booter
stuff is in place as .hqx files in the mac install directory. Pending any
further mac specific hacks from a true m68k mac user to add the unpacked
booter files, I'd say that's the final version right there. Thanks to Nick
and the CD team, m68k is ready it seems. 


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