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Re: Test cycle #2 images (was: Updated non-free patch)

> Mr. Bezemer proposed to have a pause at release time, after the decision
> is made and before it is announced, so that the Official images can be
> created and put in place.  Jason Gunthorpe estimated this would take
> about four days.  Since things get very hectic around release time,
> I see no way to reserve four days for this.  It also has the same
> disadvantage as the original approach, which is that the images we
> mark as Official are freshly built and not well tested.

There is only one way to avoid this. The build trees for the CD's need to
remain until release (or another test cycle starts). That way the CD label
can be changed very easily, and mkisofs can be rerun for each image.

The only problem I see with this is that sparc CD #1 needs to be built as
root for this to work, since using fakeroot for the bootable fs means the
device nodes will go away once fakeroot has exited (isn't a problem if you
just buildin one shot and don't care about keeping the tree around).


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