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Re: Potato: 1 disk for binary-all ?

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Alfred Munnikes wrote:

> I have seen that Potato is about 2 GB (incl non-free), 
> so that will be a lot of CD's if you want more than one 
> architecture (i386/sparc/alpha/....)
> Would it be an idee to put all the main/binary-all (+/- 675 MB)
> on one disk ? 
> It does save space on the mirror site, CD's on your desktop 
> and money. (at least 3 * 650 MB)
> Oke I see that 675 MB doesn't fit on one CD, but if you 
> move (for example) the kernelpatch
> main/binary-all/devel/kernel-patch-2.0.36-m68k_2.0.36-5.deb 
> and more of that kind of file's that are architecture specific 
> to the binary-(i386|sparc|...) I think that it will fit on one CD.

This isn't a bad idea.

However, the current scheme is binary-1 = most used packages, binary-2 = less
used packages, binary-3 = least used packages (etc.)  This allows distributing
only binary-1 with still a reasonably complete system, something that is done
often at shows/expos. Of course binary-1 has a lot of binary-all packages.

But it might be possible to put the rest of the binary-all packages on the
i386-binary-2 CD, and remove these from the other archs. apt-cdrom should be
able to handle this well. Raphael, is something like this at all possible with

> One bad thing, if you install Debian you have to change CD's, but is
> that a big problem ?
> It isn't Windows, so you install it once and not every month ;-)

You'll have to change them anyway. But apt-cdrom should handle this
intelligently, requiring only a few swaps.

  Anne Bezemer

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