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Re: Mirror for Images

On 00-01-21 Philip Hands wrote:
> Christian Kurz <C.Kurz@Gigabell.Net> writes:

> > Hi Phil,
> > 
> > today I don't want to remember you of open bugs in one of your packages
> > but instead want to ask, if I could get access to cdimage.debian.org for
> > mirroring those images on our ftp-server. I would then add our
> > ftp-server also to the list of open ftp-server for images. So, would it
> > be possible to get access? 

> You don't need to ask, because the passwords are not in force on the
> rsync server at present.

> Follow the instructions here:  http://cdimage.debian.org/

> Once you have the mirror up and running, tell us and we'll add you to
> the list, and I'll send you a password, just in case I need to switch
> passwords back on.

So now, the cdimage mirror is up and running. It's name is
ftp.gigabell.net and the path to the images is /pub/debian-images.
Please add it to your list of mirrors.

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