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Re: making potato disks

On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 08:59:58AM +0000, jim westveer wrote:
> Humm, I dont have that problem and my CD#1 disk builds ok.
> I use the this in cd1.list (same as in cve):
> dists/potato/main/disks-ARCH
> dists/potato/main/upgrade-*ARCH*/
> doc
> tools
> You will get unmet-dependancies, and therefor
> you need to set force_deps in the arch file.
> - 1 the potato archive has unmet dependancies (as of today)

I got many unet dependencies, probably due to the quantity of extra
stuff I was dumping onto disk 1. My original intention was to provide
a single disk (with single_disk) install with some special packages.

> - 2 the boot disks in potato, are just a link to slink,
>     and they will do you no good with glibc2.1, so no

Thanks for pointing this out. I can now use the old CD I made for a
base install and the next disk(s) for a potato build. I do need
potato (2.3.x kernel and glibc2.1 dependencies).

> Local files were being added in cd2.extras .  I cant think
> why you could not add them to cd1.list ... although I
> have not tried it.

I will try this and force_deps and see how it goes.

> If I remember, you were using the sym-link method, most
> likely because of disk space....I am no help to you there
> as I have not tried that way of building images. 

Well, having an NFS server with /debian handy saves some hassles.

> Hope this helps....

Thanks, it does.


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