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Re: making potato disks

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On 7/12/99, 11:20:54 PM, Giuliano Procida <myxie@debian.org> wrote 
regarding Re: making potato disks:

> On Mon, Jul 12, 1999 at 06:53:55PM +0000, jim westveer wrote:
> > Sounds like you just have a mirror of potato, and you may
> > not be mirroring both slink and potato.  Take a look at
> > your mirror, and see if some of the files are just links
> > to slink....if so...thats your problem...

> Alas, this isn't the problem. Even items like xmanpages are missing.
> They are correctly created in the tmp-mirror (which contains no broken
> binary-all links). The potato1 tree was missing all the stuff under
> binary-all.

> The problem may have something to do with my potato/cd1.list, now:

> dists/potato/main/binary-ARCH
> dists/potato/main/binary-all        // added this just now
> local/binary-ARCH
> local/binary-all                    // added this just now
> dists/potato/main/disks-ARCH
> dists/potato/main/upgrade-*ARCH*/
> doc
> tools

> I'm not sure if the first line was breaking the build. I added the
> second (and fourth) and instead I now get unmet dependencies on disk 1
> and no images at all. 

Humm, I dont have that problem and my CD#1 disk builds ok.
I use the this in cd1.list (same as in cve):


You will get unmet-dependancies, and therefor
you need to set force_deps in the arch file.

- 1 the potato archive has unmet dependancies (as of today)
    if you used the cvs copy of debian-cd and turned on
    force deps, and turned off boot (no potato boot disks),
    you should be able to to get through with only
    two programs showing unmet dependencies. 
    Package: mikmod
    Package: timidity
    Thats today...tomorrow ???

- 2 the boot disks in potato, are just a link to slink,
    and they will do you no good with glibc2.1, so no
    reason to even include the "boot" option in your
    arch file. Of course this means that the disk you
    create will only be good to do upgrades from
    an existing slink system to potato. 

Should I be putting the local/binary-* lines in
> one of the other potato/ files?

Local files were being added in cd2.extras .  I cant think
why you could not add them to cd1.list ... although I
have not tried it.

If I remember, you were using the sym-link method, most
likely because of disk space....I am no help to you there
as I have not tried that way of building images. 

Hope this helps....


Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>

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