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Re: Slink-CD (Part III)

> > > Well, tar should also be ported, or isn't it?
> >
> > Tar isn't really an option; neither AmigaOS nor TOS support pipes.
> Missing pipes shouldn't be a problem since you can call gzip -d and then
> tar as two calls.  If that's the only problem - assuming that both are
> available for AmigaOS and TOS we should try to move into that direction.

I'm glad you said 'we'. James also favors that solution (and suggested a 
C wrapper to run both binaries via a temp file for TOS) so I'm hopeful 
something of that sort can be worked out. :-)

Here's what I'll do: I will change the boot-floppies Makefile (and related
things like the map files) to package the same files now in the lha
as tar.gz, we need those for slink-cd anyway (that's how this whole thing 
started, remember?). I'll use that for updates for the slink boot floppies
as well. Support for the lha can be dropped at any later time. 

My contribution to the m68k boot-floppies is finished with that cleanup
so please discuss further m68k boot-floppies gripes with a future


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