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Re: Slink-CD (Part III)

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > > > Well, tar should also be ported, or isn't it?
> > >
> > > Tar isn't really an option; neither AmigaOS nor TOS support pipes.
> > 
> > Missing pipes shouldn't be a problem since you can call gzip -d and then
> > tar as two calls.  If that's the only problem - assuming that both are
> > available for AmigaOS and TOS we should try to move into that direction.
Not wanting to fall out of the window, but I _think_ amiga does support
pipes. There is a very good implementation of (nearly?) alll unix tools by
ADE/Geek Gadgets. Free and source all. The bad thing is you need to install 
major packages before you get it running, some libraries at least. I have
installed all this, I also have zip, zoo, lha, lh, lzx, whatever, but I
guess Joe average user has not (will try to find out where I got my zip, I
think its free, but maybe not in the DFSG sense...)
To repeat the problem, we have an [amiga|atari]install.lha file, which is
only used for people trying to install off the net, they get this file and
have everything for the first install step. This file (and thus lha) is not
needed for people installing off the CDs. Do we want people who install off
the net to install programs on the native OS first before they can set up
debian? Ok, we do not have to think about market shares, but I think some
people would shout loudly when they need "special" tools to install debian.
And these would be the people with net access. To cut it short: I am also
against removing the lha file, out of conveniance for the users.
I can look into zip/zoo/lh (lh is a free lha extractor AFAIR, would that be
ok? Well, no source, I guess... but this is amiga).
I can also look into the selfextracting lha thingy for amiga. I think the
file would then contain the lha extracting code, you can still list and
extract it with any lha. But to get these files on the debian CD the CD 
people still need lha...
Other option, we complete drop the lha file and tell people to get all the
files in this and that directory, which would be identical to the CD
directory. Internally a tgz file could be used to transfer the files with
correct protection flags (which might get lost when people download all
files by hand).

> My contribution to the m68k boot-floppies is finished with that cleanup
> anyway, so please discuss further m68k boot-floppies gripes with a future
> maintainer.
We should start with the elections now, otherwise I do not see potato CDs
for m68k. I will _not_ candidate...


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