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Re: Slink-CD (Part III)

On Apr 12, James Troup wrote:
> Sorry, this is Debian, we (with some embarrassing exceptions) use free
> software even if it's not convenient.
> Would it really be so hard to include gzip and tar then write a C
> wrapper which does the tar/gzip magic (you don't need pipes if you use
> an intermediary file).  That way, all the user has to do is double
> click on an icon, right?  Roman even has a TOS cross compiler set
> up...

Two alternatives:

1. Christian Steigies pointed us to a program called "tgz" on Aminet,
   which does this for Amigas.

2. There is a tool that does both the tar and gzip stuff internally,
   called "untgz" (not the Vapor software one, which may be violating
   the GPL) that someone adapted for PPC Amigas but probably isn't
   very PPC-specific and has source on Aminet.

Try http://de.aminet.org/ to get these things.

Alternative three is to hack together AmigaOS and TOS scripts that do
these things (assuming TOS is scriptable... AmigaOS is at least).

Alternative four is to yell loudly at Vapor and accuse them of
violating the GPL with their UnTGZ.  Or be nice about it (e.g. point
out that the tool on its own isn't very valuable and ought to be
freed, since any two-bit moron could hack together a script that calls
gunzip then tar).

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