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Re: slink-0.94+flatten patch 2.1 disk #1

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Jim Westveer wrote:

>I have patched/run 0.94+flatten, and built a slink cd/rom.
>Now the fun stuff!
>ooooh, I actually was able to get a good install on my test machine!  and
>it booted! 


>Inconsistencies with packages......
>A common thing for a user to install would be pppd (ppp-pam)
>But ppp-pam requires libpam0g AND cracklib2 Both ppp-pam and libpam0g are
>set to Priority: Standard but cracklib2 has a Priority: extra
>Therefore cracklib2 does not get placed on the first slink disk ;-(

OK, that should be easy to fix as a special case. I expected we'd find a
few like this, but unfortunately I don't see an easier way to find them
all than by hand.  I could have sworn there was a script being worked on
to order dependencies like this, so that no package would depend on a
lower-priority package...

>We either have to hack moving cracklib2 or change its Package Priority to
>Standard so it will get included on the first disk. 


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