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debian-testing to provide help

Hi everyone,
   I just subscribed a few seconds ago after seeing your progress on the
list archives.  I must say, things are looking good.  I run the day to day
stuff on debian-testing.  We've had lots of success with testing the
boot-floppies in the past.  If there is anyway we can help, I'll do my
best to mobilize the group.  I'd be interested in getting a quick summary
of the following questions if anyone has the time:

1) How is the progress on burning a bootable cd going?  I saw a few
success stories in the archives for i386 and other platforms.  (BTW: I'm
glad to see such a platform independent group here.)

2) Has anyone looked into the multi-cd stuff and verified that it will
work with the cd's you are making?

3) How far are you from having the slink-cd program setup for a tester
(with the drive space and cd burner) to give it a try?

I'd like to see the testing group get more involved with the other parts
of a release, and this seems to be the best next step right now.

Keep up the good work everyone and happy holidays,

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