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slink-0.94+flatten patch 2.1 disk #1

I have patched/run 0.94+flatten, and built a slink cd/rom.

Now the fun stuff!

ooooh, I actually was able to get a good install
on my test machine!  and it booted!

Inconsistencies with packages......

A common thing for a user to install would be pppd (ppp-pam)

But ppp-pam requires libpam0g AND cracklib2
Both ppp-pam and libpam0g are set to Priority: Standard
cracklib2 has a Priority: extra

Therefore cracklib2 does not get placed on the first slink disk ;-(

We either have to hack moving cracklib2
change its Package Priority to Standard 
so it will get included on the first disk.

Happy holidays!
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