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Re: slinkcd v 0.95

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Steve McIntyre wrote:

>I've got this running on open at the moment, hopefully about to build
>slink CD trees for m68k, alpha and i386 into temporary directories
>~stsvem/slinkcd-$ARCH. This'll take a couple of hours to run, but
>hopefully we're about there in terms of laying out the CDs. I'll need to
>check that all 5 for each will fit properly and work properly, which I'll
>check on tomorrow.

Hmmm. The du output from these runs is a bit suspect. Either m68k and
alpha are smaller than i386, or we have packages missing, or something is
wron with the script. I'm investigating further. 

du output:

du-alpha:561009 ./slink1
du-alpha:432940 ./slink2
du-alpha:591269 ./slink3
du-alpha:576480 ./slink4
du-alpha:389505 ./slink5

du-i386:572252  ./slink1
du-i386:549179  ./slink2
du-i386:593090  ./slink3
du-i386:578301  ./slink4
du-i386:503806  ./slink5

du-m68k:470363  ./slink1
du-m68k:385652  ./slink2
du-m68k:592132  ./slink3
du-m68k:574931  ./slink4
du-m68k:383363  ./slink5

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