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Re: slinkcd v 0.95

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Eric Delaunay wrote:
> >It's even hard to put the whole archive on one disk for cp -dPRl to work.
> >I just have a few 1GB drives, so my Debian archive is split across them :-((
> >I need either to reorganize it or to find a workaround...
> What I've done locally is set up md across a few partitions and set up the
> Debian partition on the md device for 10GB. I see Phil has done similar on
> open. There's probably a workaround for not having all on the same
> partition, but it'll take some effort.

Hmm, I don't have 10GB even on my whole disks ;-((
Moreover, I cannot reformat them so simply, therefore I implemented another
method using one temporary directory on each partition.
It duplicates the trees on each partition and put the hard links in the right
mkisofs then grabs the partial trees from each partition and merges them in
only one (works well with mkisofs 1.12b3; don't know about 1.11).

I'm about to write the last lines of this implementation.  I will then post
the patch (against 0.95) as soon as it will be almost bug free (as far as I
can test it).

Best wishes.

 Eric Delaunay                 | "La guerre justifie l'existence des militaires.
 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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