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Re: releasing jessie-kfreebsd (was: kfreebsd IRC meeting?)


Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> We are running out of time, as wheezy security support ends in April, so
> we must release as soon as possible to give users time to upgrade.
> There is not much left to do however:
>   * I need to upload GRUB2;


>   * if we're sure debian-installer has no issues, I should upload
>     gdk-pixbuf which will allow it to actually build;


>   * some CDs built by debian-cd tools would be nice to test with,
>     before official ones are built on cdimage.d.o.

I've built a test image here including -p-u and I am happy with it:
SHA-256: dae659788f2fd7d92e59a0a62f3144887d7a44f308703a93a46d3b7bca10ab2e
I'd encourage anyone to test that if they can.

I think we can begin the release process now:

debian-installer is uplodaed, but must be installed, which may be
automatic I'm not sure:

Then jessie-kfreebsd-p-u must be copied into jessie-kfreebsd.  This is
probably a good time because the official suites are about to freeze p-u
for a point release next weekend.

debian-cd tools need some symlinks to alias jessie-kfreebsd to jessie,
and another small bugfix may be needed.

If the jessie-kfreebsd suite is ready in time, maybe the kfreebsd CD
images could be built along with the 8.4 point release.  I'll start to
ping the relevant teams now.

Steven Chamberlain

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