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Re: kfreebsd IRC meeting?

Hi Christoph, and others,

Shall we arrange a meeting in IRC to discuss releasing jessie-kfreebsd?

We are running out of time, as wheezy security support ends in April, so
we must release as soon as possible to give users time to upgrade.

There is not much left to do however:
  * I need to upload GRUB2;
  * if we're sure debian-installer has no issues, I should upload
    gdk-pixbuf which will allow it to actually build;
  * some CDs built by debian-cd tools would be nice to test with,
    before official ones are built on cdimage.d.o.

Iff we can finish the above by 2016-03-25 we could try to have
jessie-kfreebsd-p-u copied to jessie-kfreebsd at the same time
as the wheezy and jessie point releases.

The official images can't be built until after that.  We could put out a
call for testing the unofficial images though (which will contain the
necessary packages from -p-u).

The intent would be to release as soon as possible after the point
releases (2016-04-02).

Steven Chamberlain

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