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Re: Bug#818876: follow up, kfreebsd


contact smxi wrote:
> For the record, I ran an inxi -v7 on the kfreebsd vm, and at least on this
> kfreebsd version, it's all groovy.

That was a very old kfreebsd!  (squeeze I think?)

I've tested on the more recent jessie-kfreebsd and this looks OK too:

  $ inxi -Sx
  System:    Host: jessie.kfreebsd-amd64 Kernel: 10.1-0-amd64 x86_64 (64 bit gcc: 4.2.1) Console: tty 10 
             Distro: GNU/kFreeBSD 10.1-0-amd64 

The only files accessed in /etc (other than those needed by glibc) are:

  2042 bash     NAMI  "/etc/lsb-release"
  2042 bash     NAMI  "/etc/os-release"
  2042 bash     NAMI  "/etc/inxi.conf"
  2042 bash     NAMI  "/etc/inxi.conf"

So there is no sign of the bug here.

I think we can probably close the bug unless Adam can show a way to
reproduce it (maybe it can happen only in rare circumstances).

Steven Chamberlain

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