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Re: releasing jessie-kfreebsd (was: kfreebsd IRC meeting?)

Am Fri, 25 Mar 2016 15:26:18 +0000
schrieb Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:

> [...]
> I've built a test image here including -p-u and I am happy with it:
> http://jenkins.kfreebsd.eu/jenkins/job/debian-installer_jessie-kfreebsd/ws/debian-8.4-kfreebsd-amd64-CD-1.iso
> SHA-256:
> dae659788f2fd7d92e59a0a62f3144887d7a44f308703a93a46d3b7bca10ab2e I'd
> encourage anyone to test that if they can.

I tested this ISO in the last few days on real hardware, and it mostly
installs a working system (this mail is written on it), but with more
or less annoying quirks:

- the ISO, when burnt to  a blank, does not boot. Checked with three
  different blanks burnt on two different writers, tried to boot it on
  three different drives (SATA or PATA). Checksum of the file was OK.

- the ISO, when dd'ed to an USB stick, boots fine, but then does not
  find "the CDrom drive". Manualling entereing "no module" and
  "drive /dev/da0" however lets the installation proceed. Inserting a
  CD into a drive works too, only at the end of the installation the
  installer hangs when trying to eject it (no problem if only the USB
  stick is used).

- with the graphical installer, my Logitech USB-Mouse is not
  recognized. On the installed system, that mouse works just fine.

- GRUB gave "/dev/sda" as an example where to write the bootloader to.
  It had better offered /dev/ada0 ;-)

- I got a working graphical desktop with XFCE, RazorQT or LXDE, but in 
  all of them the keyboard mapping was US instead of DE. The virtual
  terminals were OK, and in XFCE, I could correct the keyboard setting.

- K3B and XFburn did not recognize any CDwriter drive (SATA or PATA).

Hardware support (ATI graphics, Realtek RTL-8110, Sound) was OK except
for the CD writer. Applications tested were: Claws Mail, Konqueror +
Iceweasel, Gimp, Libre office, Gnome Player, all with no problems.
Only VLC had issues with mp4 videos.

Thanks for the great work!


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